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Why does my vacuum smell?

You probably need to replace the bag and filter more often, especially if you have an inside pet.


Why does my vacuum get so dusty?

Most Plastic vacuums have a lot of static electricity build-up. Clean outside of vacuum


My vacuum bag is 1/2 full, why doesn't it pick up anything?

Fine dust clogs pores in bags & filters and decreases air volume. Change bags and filters.


Why is it so hard to push my vacuum?

A dirty bottom plate, worn brush, or humid conditions will affect the performance.


Why is my vacuum so loud?

The vacuum fan is broken and out of balance, or the roller is bad.


Why does my belt break all the time?

It could be one of three things. Either your roller is bad, the vacuum is adjusted too low, or the belt was not installed properly


Vacuum Headquarters & Supplies, has been providing vacuum cleaning services for over 75 years! We'll help meet your specific needs and provide full warranties on all of our brand name vacuum cleaners. Here's some of the questions we get most often,

with tips of what you can do to resolve the issue.

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Why does my vacuum smell like burning rubber?

The vacuum belt is broken or slipping


Why isn't my vacuum picking up anything?

Try replacing the bag, filters, and checking for any clogs

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